A Little Beachy Tumbler

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*Please remember - All items are completely handcrafted with REAL, premium quality loose glitter, and as with all handcrafted items, slight imperfections can exist. These do not take away from the beauty or functionality, however they do add character and that special charm that cannot be duplicated with items that have been mass produced. No two will ever be the same!


Due to the custom nature of these items, NO returns, exchanges, or refunds will be accepted. In the event of an error on MY part, the unused tumbler must be shipped back for inspection, where it will either be fixed or replaced.

Cancellations must be placed the SAME DAY as the tumbler was ordered or they will not be accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS!

----Care Instructions----

With proper care these tumblers will last many years.
○ Gentle hand wash only, no soaking! Neither the tumblers nor the epoxy is dishwasher safe!
○ Do not microwave. They are metal tumblers under the glitter and epoxy.
○ Do not expose to extreme heat - this includes leaving in a hot car.
○ If dropped the epoxy may crack. I cannot be responsible for damage (even accidental) caused by the customer.

**In the event that your tumbler is damaged, please reach out to me. For a fee, I may* be able to fix it. This depends on many factors and the fee can only be determined after examining the tumbler. By completing this order you agree that I as the seller am not responsible for items damaged in transit or missing/stolen deliveries.